Saturday, 7 April 2012

Rah Digga Disses Tyler

''You Probably Lost Your Only Black Fan''
5:30PM ET April 6th, 2012
Contributor : Martin James
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Rah Digga Disses Tyler

Rah Digga has released a diss track taking aim square at Tyler, the Creator and Fat Trel. Rah's ire was raised after the two made disparaging remarks about her on song and Twitter. She also released a statement explaining the track, called "The N***a In Me."

“I didn't make this record for press purposes or for hype cuz that's not my thing," she said. "I got wind of various artists referencing me in a negative fashion. They poked fun at me I'm just pokin' back. Its all sport to me. I wish em all the best, they just need to understand who is off limits. MC Lyte is off limits. Rah Digga is off limits. Respect those who kept hip hop raw so that we could still have a culture or get a first hand lesson in a lyrical ass whoopin.' Love is love."

Fat Trel previously referenced Rah in the line, "The b*tch might be a n***a, for reala, she Rah Digga.”

“This guy, you barely caught a meal short of fish fry / Think of letting this slide? / Fat Trel could kiss my global rap ass / He barely out of D.C., tried to look him up, he ain’t even got a Wiki.” Rah rapped in response. And she fires a salvo at Tyler, who sarcastically wished her a 'Happy Father's Day' on Twitter.

“I was trying to support this young black man / It’s too bad, you probably lost your only black fan,” she rhymes. “Take it any further, and you might catch a backhand, b*tch!”


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