Friday, 20 April 2012

Ma$e Recording With Rick Ross

''His Flow Is Crazy...''
8:30PM ET April 18th, 2012
Contributor : Chris G.
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Ma$e Recording With Rick Ross

Rapper Ma$e was photographed in the studio with R&B star Omarion a few days ago, but there were no details regarding whether or not the former hip hop star was recording new music in the attempts of a comeback. But today (April 18th), Bad Boy rapper French Montana revealed that Ma$e is indeed on the comeback trail.

"We were in a Miami studio last night and Ma$e just stopped by," Montana told XXL. "We were just workin' on my album. We recorded two songs together--me, Ross and Ma$e. You might hear [Ma$e] on either my album [Excuse My French] or Ross' or both."

"We been planning it," French said. "Ma$e sounds good, sound like he never left. His flow is crazy. We're going to let the world hear soon enough. Stay tuned. Just stay tuned."


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