Monday, 30 April 2012

Scarface Clarifies Def Jam Comments

''Why Is This Considered News?''
8:30PM ET April 27th, 2012
Contributor : Chris G.
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Scarface Clarifies Def Jam Comments

Scarface is setting the record straight regarding comments that began circulating online this week that implied that Face was unhappy with his tenure at Def Jam. The Houston hip hop legend says that the comments come from a much longer interview and were spread without context.

"I needed a bigger part of [Def Jam] and they wanted to play like I wasn't bringing business," Scarface was quoted as saying about his Def Jam exit. "Everything that's hot right now is what I brought to Def Jam from Rick Ross to T.I. because you know, Def Jam wouldn't touch T.I."

He clarified his position in a statement issued to SOHH.

"That interview, which was over a month ago, was NOT about Def Jam," Scarface wrote. "It was an interview I did about my upcoming new record and the new moves I'm making. The Def Jam item is a 2 minute comment from one question I was asked during the interview. Why is everyone trying to start some mess by focusing on that one comment? I left Def Jam 10 years ago. Why is this considered news?"


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