Saturday, 10 December 2011

Ice Cube Appreciates The Eames

''Before I Did Rap Music, I Did Architectural Drafting''
3:30PM ET December 8th, 2011
Contributor : Stephen Willis
A Rocky Williform Company

Ice Cube Appreciates The Eames

Rapper/actor Ice Cube shared his appreciation for the Eames House in Los Angeles and revealed his ongoing appreciation for L.A. architecture. He also discussed his younger years as an architecture student in Arizona prior to launching his rap career.

"When N.W.A. was first about to pop off I wasn't sure if I was gonna make a living at it... Cussin' on the radio? I didn't know if that was gonna bring me any money," said Cube. "So I ended up going to school in Phoenix and spending a year out there... (but) I haven't picked up my certificate since I got it. If you want me to draw you up a house I can draw you up a house; I don't know if it's gonna be liveable."

"Before I did rap music, I did architectural drafting. One thing I learned is that you’ve always gotta have a plan," he said. "[The Eames] was doing mash-ups before mash-ups even existed."


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