Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 Earnings: Media Stocks Beat The Dow

post thumbnail YEARENDER: Wall Street�throughout 2011 became starry eyed when they talked about tech stocks. But they�still had a soft spot in their hearts for traditional media companies all year long.�Five of the seven companies in the Big Media group beat the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s 5.5% increase (through December 30th) — four of them by a lot. And they weren’t outliers: The Standard & Poor’s broadcasting index was +15.2% while the S&P movies and entertainment index was +10.2%. Many of the stocks were bolstered by the industry-wide improvement in ad sales. In addition, there was a general sense of relief — perhaps a pipe dream — that�digital companies don’t yet pose a clear and present danger to the way traditional movie and TV companies do business.�We’ll see how long that lasts. Here’s how each of�the Big Media companies fared in 2011, in order of how well the stock performed. Next to the company name�is the percentage increase or decrease in the stock price this year as well as the price-earnings ratio (the stock price divided by the expected earnings per share) which is a rough measure to compare how cheap or expensive the stock is compared to its industry peers. CBS (Stock: +41.3%, PE: 15.4)��Once it became clear that U.S. advertising would continue to recover, ... Read More »


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