Saturday, 24 December 2011

David Banner Blasts V-Nasty

''Her People Were Not Hung From Trees''
8:30PM ET December 22nd, 2011
Contributor : Erica Moore
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David Banner Blasts V-Nasty''

Rapper David Banner responded to V-Nasty's 'diss' on her track, "BayTL" with Gucci Mane. Banner criticized V-Nasty previously for using the N-word in her freestyles, and she decided to fire back at the Mississippi rapper/producer. Banner addressed the controversy and explained his feelings on her and her word choice.

"It don't bother me at all. One problem with Hip-Hop is people try to act a certain way and they put it on their sleeve. I don't have to talk about the stuff I do," Banner said. "[A caller] just called up and he told the people what I did [during Hurricane Katrina.] The stuff I did that was hood, I can't talk about it on a record."

"It's funny when people tell these kids to be hood and they don't stay in the hood. They give the kids this mentality of staying in the hood and that shows you what other cultures think about us as Black people and what's important to us and how they try to play us Black men against each other," he continued. "The sad thing (if I was to respond), I'm the big, mean, Black guy. Regardless of how articulate I am, if I move any kind of way I will always be crucified."

"Regardless of these Disney and Paramount deals I'm doing, I'll always be looked at in that manner so what I realize that as Black people, we have to stop letting people play our culture like that," he says. "See, it's not up to me to feel a certain way, I feel bad for the people that allow other people to do this to our culture. I shouldn't have to say anything, this should be handled..."

"The funny thing about it, the record "Swag" was never about her. It was about what we accept as people. Are we gonna allow people to say this?" explained Banner. "I'm more concerned about the people around her that allow her to feel comfortable enough to do that."

"I was actually one of the people that kept folks off of her," he says. "That's a lil' girl. I honestly believe that she don't know no better and the plight between our races is so much bigger than her. I don't think she knows the ramifications and pain of the word. Her people were not hung from trees and forced to accept the word 'nigger.'"


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