Friday, 6 July 2012

Wiz Khalifa Crowns Lola Monroe

''She's So Much Better Than Any Female''
6:00AM ET July 4th, 2012
Contributor : Chris G.
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Wiz Khalifa Crowns Lola Monroe

Wiz Khalifa had extremely high praise for Taylor Gang rapper Lola Monroe. Khalifa crowned Monroe the most talented female rapper in the game and said that she has a story that the world needs to hear.

"Lola Monroe, she's the First Lady of Taylor Gang, the only chick that raps in Taylor Gang," he explained. "She's iller than any female artist I've ever heard in my life."

"Yeah. She's so much better than any female because, just her lyrical ability," he continued. "I know a lot of people say that sh*t, but she's from D.C., but nobody's heard that story before, nobody's heard that story before from a female. You know what I mean? You've heard all these other stories and all this other sh*t, but you haven't heard her yet, so I feel she's different, she's better."


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