Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lil Cease Denies Snitching

''Nobody Said Nothing That Sent Her Away''
4:30PM ET June 11th, 2012
Contributor : Martin James
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Lil Cease Denies Snitching

When rapper Lil Cease took the stand as a witness in Lil Kim's 2005 perjury trial, Kim and several others insinuated that Cease's testimonial against her sent her to prison for a year. Cease, however, denies that he ever snitched on his fellow Junior M.A.F.I.A. alum.

Cease told ThisIs50 that the situation was exploited by the media.

"The way the media made it, they made it seem like it was something more than what it was," he says. "It wasn't that much of a thing. Just the fact that I was on that stand, it made it look funny. It's public records, it's paperwork. I can't hide my government name. I put out albums before. My name is James Lloyd. If you go down to the federal plaza, you can get a case number. You can buy the paperwork and see what I actually said."

"She wasn't in a situation for me to say something that would send her away," he added. "Maybe the people around her made it look that way or she felt that way because of the situation she was in, but I just felt like it was a situation where she could have done things to change things and she didn't. But it was nothing that nobody said on my end, as far as anybody. Not just me, but anybody from the M.A.F.I.A. Nobody said nothing that sent her away. I think no matter how her situation would have went down, she would have still went away for the things she lied about. There's nothing that we discriminated on."


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