Saturday, 16 June 2012

Rap Genius Lines of the Week From Rakim, Fabolous, Fred the Godson, Soul Khan

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Rap Genius is supplying The BoomBox with the top lyrics from the week and serving a meaning behind the raps in the process. This week saw the release of Ice-T's documentary "Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap," an event that had lyric geeks everywhere drooling. This whole list could have been filled with contributions from the film, which includes amazing raps by a who's-who of legendary MCs. In addition to the movie, the hip-hop world moved on as usual, with an unusually strong array of lines. This week, Supa Emcee protects Dilla's legacy, Fabolous jams to some new jack swing, Rakim shows he's still got it, Fred the Godson gets a new ride and Soul Khan, well, we'll explain that when we get there.

5. "Y'all want to bite his sampling/ Screaming, 'I got tracks by Dilla', nigga -- Charles Hamilton," -- Supa Emcee, "Dillatroit" Lyrics

This week saw the release of producer James "J. Dilla" Yancey's posthumous album, Rebirth of Detroit. The lyricists who appear on it obviously include plenty of nods to Dilla's legacy, but it's not all sad and mournful. Here, Supa makes a light-hearted reference to a 2009 incident where rapper Charles Hamilton listed Dilla as an "executive producer" on one of his albums, without consent or knowledge of the producer's estate, family or seemingly anyone else in the world. Hamilton then falsely claimed to have Dilla's mother's approval, to which she famously responded, "The only Hamilton I've ever heard of was on the bill." While this lyric doesn't quite live up to Ma Dukes' classic retort, it's still great, and thus makes our list.


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