Monday, 4 June 2012

50 Cent Has No Sympathy For Young Buck

''I Don't Feel Sorry For the Person Who Did Something Stupid''
6:00AM ET June 1st, 2012
Contributor : Chris G.
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50 Cent Has No Sympathy For Young Buck

Former G-Unit Records artist Young Buck is experiencing tremendous financial woes and will be forced to spend two months in prison beginning in June, but his former compatriot 50 Cent feels nothing for the rapper's predicament.

50 showed little remorse when asked about Buck's current troubles.

"Where I’m from, we got a code of conduct that we follow: don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” he said. “If somebody [wants] to make you a success and comfortable in every way, down to the point that I pay your taxes for you after you [mismanage your money]…and you still [act] disrespectful and say the kind of sh*t you saying? N***as is lucky you don’t just kill ‘em. N***as shot me for $5,000…[I] feel f*ckin' sorry for somebody that has no opportunities; [I] don't feel sorry for the person who did something stupid."


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