Thursday, 3 May 2012

Maybach Music Reveals Major Plans

Omarion Joins Label, Rick Ross Plans Clothing Line
4:30PM ET May 2nd, 2012
Contributor : Martin James
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Maybach Music Reveals Major Plans

Maybach Music Group held a press conference in New York today to announce several new ventures. Diddy, Lyor cohen, Steve Bartels and Todd Moscowitz and Swizz Beatz were all on-hand for the event. The presser opened with a short MMG-themed film and the label outlined what the rest of 2012 will look like as well as revealed that R&B star Omarion had officially joined the fold.

The highly-anticipated compilation Self Made Vol. 2 is due on June 26th, Rick Ross' God Firgives... is due to drop on July 31st and an August 28th release date for Meek Mill’s debut Dreams & Nightmares.

Lyor Cohen took the time to praise Ross' vision.

“When I got a chance to meet him, I saw someone that was going to be undeterred in achieving the success that he has,” said Cohen. “He’s not satisfied. There’s no stopping him. I’m so grateful that I’m associated with him and that the Warner Bros. label is associated with him. The possibilities that Rick and Maybach Music are going to bring is going to be, in my mind, unprecedented.”

Swizz explained what he and Ross have planned for their planned big and tall clothing line.

“He’s going to lead the big and tall movement,” said Swizz. “There’s a limit with clothes that stops at a certain point. With Ross, everything has to be custom made. [...] I felt that instead of just doing a regular sneaker, we give Ross his own big and tall line.”

"A lot of people have been wondering what’s up with Omarion? Is his career over?" said Omarion. "I’ve never been a fan of popular opinion, but from now on, when you see me, understand that it’s Maybach Music."


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