Thursday, 3 May 2012

G. Dep, GQ Editor-in-Chief: Jim Nelson Reveals Role as Juror in Trevell Coleman Murder Trial

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Rapper G. Dep was convicted of murder last month, after killing a man in 1993 and coming forward with a surprise confession in 2010. One of the jurors that found the former Bad Boy signee, born Trevell Coleman, guilty was GQ Editor-in-Chief Jim Nelson.

Nelson revealed his experience as a juror in GQ's Letter From the Editor, due to appear in the upcoming June issue. The magazine editor, who's a native of Greenbelt, Md., admits he did not know Coleman was actually one of Diddy's artists years ago.

"I never knew this until after the trial-the judge must have limited what we were told about the defendant, and I didn't recognize him-but Trevell Coleman, I later learned when I looked into the case, became a semifamous rapper in the years after the crime," he wrote.


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