Wednesday, 11 January 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Jon Peters About To Auction His Memoir Again: ?Not Going To Be Nasty?

post thumbnail EXCLUSIVE: The auction for Jon Peters’ controversial�autobiography Studio Head will be�conducted with NYC publishers within the next two weeks. This time the hairdresser turned movie producer turned Sony Pictures Entertainment mogul turned movie producer has a new agent. Formerly repped by David Vigliano, Peters is now with Trident’s Dan Strone.�Peters previously sold his�memoir in�2009 to HarperCollins for $700,000. But then I published Peters’ full book proposal�– “the rise of Jon Peters from reform school hairdresser to Chairman of Sony-Columbia Pictures is the most audacious and most unlikely success story in the history of the entertainment business” — and�Hollywood was reviled.�Because it took aim at his many professional and personal relationships,�targeting everyone from Barbra Streisand to Peter Guber to one-night stands. As my headline opined at the time:�IT SHOULD BE CALLED ?DICKHEAD?: Why Jon Peters? Book Proposal Sets New Low. When Hollywood expressed its revulsion, Peters apologized and put the book on the back burner.�Well, I just got off the phone with Peters who�says there’s now “a lot of interest” in the�same book�outline he penned with Los Angeles writer Bill Stadiem.�”You�have a copy of it. We went out with same proposal you already made public. But I have�written new pages I haven’t shown to anybody to make it more honest and more real.�It’s not going to be�nasty or mean. It’s a�loving story. ... Read More »


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