Friday, 25 November 2011

Ja Rule Issues Prison Letter

Rapper Witnessed Teen's Attempted Suicide In Jail
6:00AM ET November 23rd, 2011
Contributor : Martin James
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Ja Rule Issues Prison Letter

Rapper Ja Rule issued his first letter from prison. The incarcerated Queens rhymer released his letter to AllHipHop and detailed the story of a young inmate who attempted suicide after coming into prison. Ja says it was his first time witnessing an attempted suicide.

"Today I can truly say I’ve been through it all," he writes. "A young kid comes in today they put him in the 18 cell right next to mine he looked kinda depressed coming in but nothing out of the ordinary. A few hours go past and all of a sudden I hear someone choking he’s trying to kill his self.

"We all heard it everyone runs to their cell doors and start kicking, banging, calling the CO’s," he continued. "Now I’ve seen a person get shot and I’ve even seen someone die from a drug overdose but this was different this was suicide. It was like I can hear the life leaving his body...the CO’s rush in the cell they saved him."


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